Wine -almost a religion

For Fred Kuys, wine has been the hobby and passion of his adult life. More formally, it started in 1985 when he graduated at the Cape Wine Academy. Interest in viticulture, terroir and micro-climate of vineyards lead Fred to visit the iconic estates of the world.

Fred Kuys explaining a point when giving us a talk on the history of wine last Tuesday evening

Since its origins in Ukraine 9 000 years ago, wine popularity increased to become the tipple of the working people while the nobility stuck to ales. A world wide crop wipe-out between 1860 and 1870 due to the philloxera nematode resulted in the global use of a North American rootstock which was resistant. Since then, global plantings increased as did the development of cultivars to suit the taste of a fast growing population of wine lovers. Hectares of wine continue to grow with countries like China, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia leading the charge. This contrasts with a decrease in the land under vines in South Africa where increased production is derived from vineyard management.

Few South African estates make money out of wine except, perhaps when farms are sold to buyers looking for “trophy farms” where ROE means return on ego!

The presentation ended with a tasting of a selection of wines donated by club member John van der Linde to celebrate a very significant birthday!

Thank you Fred for an educational and entertaining evening!

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