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Joining Rotary is a process whereby any adult wishing to give something back to the community in which they live, can become a member of a local Rotary Club and, in doing so, become a member of Rotary International.

Traditionally, membership was initiated by an invitation to selected members of the community and was restricted to males of the species.

Fortunately, this situation no longer prevails. Female membership is welcome and the door is open to interested adults. Whilst it remains possible for clubs to limit membership to a certain number, this would be for practical reasons. In reality, membership limitation is unusual.

Adults interested in joining can make enquiries by approaching the club directly or by approaching an existing member. In the case of a direct approach, this would usually be through contact with the Secretary using the usual means: letter, phone, e-mail or website.

Having approached the Club, a prospective member will be met by a representative of the Membership Development Committee and given an outline of the Club’s activities, attendance requirements, time commitments, costs of membership and a profile of the Club and its members.

Since there is little point in inducting new members who then shortly leave, no pressure is applied to interested parties; it is important that they be given time and exposure to form a clear opinion about membership of Rotary in general and membership to the specific Rotary Club in particular. With this in mind, prospective members are introduced to the Club by the Membership committee representative through attendance at one of the weekly meetings. The prospect is then advised of the up-coming meetings and given a general invitation to attend as a “Special Guest”.

When ready so to do, the prospect advises the Membership Committee of his decision and, if that embraces a desire to join, a process of induction then starts. Proposal forms are completed and circulated to the Board of Directors, and later, to the membership body.
Information regarding business, social and domestic details, provided by the prospect, is circulated at the same time. Using electronic communications, this process takes a relatively short time to complete and during this time a provisional date can be set for the induction ceremony.

Induction is usually conducted at the Club by the President. It is a short but formal affair which embraces a welcome to the Club and to the Rotary movement worldwide.

Rotary Clubs operate on a June financial year. A new President and Board are elected and new committees established.

Refer to current membership development team for further details.